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The car fell into the pit. Toy plastic truck with a red body had an accident. Hole on Asphalt Coating. The road needs repairs. Accident has occurred.

The BIG pothole problem

Potholes are a familiar sight on road surfaces around the world. The expansion and contraction – or continual freezing and thawing – of subsurface water
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Speeding forklift in the busy warehouse

12 common warehouse hazards

If your business premises include warehouse facilities, you’ll already be aware of the issues involved in keeping warehouse staff safe. Warehouse hazards are complex due
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Traffic and cars on motorway road

Grey fleet – a grey area?

Many UK employers don’t realise that they have a responsibility for grey fleet vehicles, but they do. Research from Driving for Better Business (DfBB) indicates
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tired when driving

The dangers of driving tired

We have all had moments of sleepy inattention while driving, especially on long, straight motorways when the drive gets monotonous and you are tired after
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Car Park Hazards

Car parks can be extremely hazardous places. You may have experienced people parking carelessly without consideration for others, which can cause a safety hazard.  Disruption
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